English translations

at reasonable prices
without a margin
We provide specialist translations, official translations, technical translations. Find out more

Compliance with deadlines

with deadlines

deadlines agreed with clients are always met, we also provide express translations

Favourable prices


we offer high-standard translations at favourable prices without additional fees and margin

Long-term experience


we are experienced in the field of general or specialised technical translations

Professional qualities and license

Professional qualities
and license

in addition to general translations we provide for highly professional certified translations with a stamp

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Our services

Fast, high-quality translations from English and into English, proofreading services, revisions.
Expert translations

Expert translations

Translations in the filed of law, medicine, software localisations, manuals, technical publications, special technical texts in power industry field, etc.
Certified translations

Certified translations

The translated text is printed and bound with a document in the original language and the translator's clause using a three-colour ribbon.
Urgent and express translations

Urgent and express translations

We provide a 24-hour urgent translation service or express translations within 3 hours.
Complete range of services

We worked for

During many years we translated for following companies:
Enel Markíza Siemens Slovnaft Slovnaft See references
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